The Twelve Shevatim

Reuven is symbolized by a rushing stream of water because he acted without thinking when he disrupted his fathers couch.

Shimon is symbolized by the gates of Shechem as a reminder of his bad deed.

Yehudah is symbolized by the lion, the king of the animals, because kings will come from him.

Zevulan is symbolized by ships because their land will be by the sea and they will use ships to do commerce.

Yissachar is symbolized by a donkey and Torah. The donkey carries it's load and likewise the tribe of Yissachar will be great Torah scholars and will carry their load of Torah day and night.

Dan is symbolized by the snake because they will fight like a snake and kill the mean enemies of our people.

Asher is symbolized by the olive tree because of the many olive tree in their territory and they made a lot of oil.

Gad is symbolized by tents, because of the many strong soldiers he had.

Naftali is symbolized by the deer . He will have many fruitful gardens that will ripen as fast as a deer.

Yosef symbol symbolized by a plant by a spring because the plant has many branches and similarly Yosef will have many children.

Benyamin is symbolized by a wolf since his descendants will defeat the Persian Empire (through Mordecai and Esther) and like a wolf that tribe will be very strong.