TIPS & Comments

This page is a forum of your advice and ideas in childhood education. The following are a few of my "Tips" but I look forward to sharing yours. Please e-mail me at for your input, problems, or questions. All of us can take part in helping one another!


Inexpensive household items can make great projects. I have used a shower curtains for the walls of the splitting of the sea. The curtains were decorated by the children and hung from the ceiling.

Jewish coloring book materials are good for any project because of the child's participation.

Glass baby food jars make great Shabbos candles when filled with colored sand.

Using dolls to play out the parsha or holiday stories is very helpful. I always try to bring out the children's imagination by using our projects as part of a story that they are involved in. Whether it is experiencing the plagues or being Mordechai or Esther, imagination is the key to help the children learn.

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