Kaporos Charity Chicken

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This project is great for kids to have fun with this age old tradition.

Purchase 2 to 3 foamy sheets or contruction paper, 3 pipecleaners, 2 "Googly eyes", and obtain a 2 liter soda bottle for each student. Use of a glue gun, scissors, and duct tape. This project sounds complicated but is really very simple, (don't get overwhelmed!) just follow along and look at the pictures!

Click on the link for the print out pattern of the chicken and copy it . Cut out foamy sheet or contruction paper according to the pattern (see picture on how to apply pattern to the bottle). The 2 horizontal lines in the pattern should be cut along the lines and not more.This allows the pattern to conform to the bottle (see picture). Glue foamy sheet with glue gun on to the bottle as well as to itself to match up the beaks. Glue half a foamy sheet to cover the rest of the bottle. See pictures to make the chicken,s wings crown and feet. When attatching feet hold down for a few seconds until glue takes hold. Cut a small slot near the bottle neck (see picture) to receive coins and put duct tape along the edges. Good luck and as always don't hesitate to improvise!