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With this project, the children will learn about the Ushpizin in a fun way!

Purchase about two foamy sheets per child, several foamy sheets of white and assorted colors, yarn , duct tape, permanent marker, use of glue gun ,foam plates, and hole puncher.

Cut both foamy sheets into quarters, with white foamy sheet write name of ushpizan and with other assorted foamy sheets construct the appropiate symbols of the ushipizan as shown in the pictures. Everything is glued with the glue gun. Punch seven holes equidistant around the perimeter. Hole punch each of the Ushpizan squares, and string yarn thru each square and tie to a hole in the plate. Each yarn piece is a different legnth so that squares will not get entangled. Tape a piece of yarn to the top of the plate so that mobile could be hung.