Please Help Us Continue so that we can give more!

Believe it or not, many Jewish students hardly know they are Jewish and barely know anything about their religion. What will be with the next generation??!

For every holiday we reach out to the RPI campus and to over 20 fraternities and sororities. They know us by now and we have a great time with each one. For Tubishvat we gave out fruit and built cup pyramids to show how we must grow like a tree. It was a big competition!


For Purim we had 23 parties with 250 people, gave out

almost 600 hamentashen and had 3 Megillah readings!

At each party we gave out shalach-manot, played a dice game: each die had a smile and a frown the winners had to get 2 smiles on 1 roll to knock out Amalek! We also sang Purim songs! Everybody really got into it! And thats the point to familiarize everybody with the holidays with enthusiasm!

Shalach Manot

Megillah reading at the student union!

Many students put on Tefillin, some even for the first time!

And look at those smiles!!!

Now we have started Pesach with Matzah bakery workshops

For Passover we are planning Seders for the students and for the community as well as distributing passover meals throughout Passover!

But we need your help so we can give! Because of You we have done so

much... and now we must go further for the sake of our people!