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Above picture shows 2 different models of the same project. Model A is marked with the letter "A" and is described in the right column. To see Model "B" click on to the "Yaacov's Sons" button in the left column...

Letter "C" shows the "body" for the heads of models "A" and "B" shown put together under letter "D"








Yacov's Sons On Display - Model A


Make a hole in Styrofoam ball about the size of a pen, double over pipe cleaner and insert through the hole leaving a small piece on top to grab hold of. Pull the rest of pipe cleaner through the hole forming arms. Using hot glue gun apply eyes, beard (we made some beards from cut triangles of foam paper),and kippah. You may use paint, marker or a small pompom for the nose. Now draw on face with permanent marker for the rest of the features. Use popsicle stick to make an instant puppet! Insert stick into base of ball and twist half a pipe cleaner around stick for the legs. One stick can be used for all the the heads. On the inside of egg carton paste names of Yaacov 's sons. Look at the pictures for clarification.

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