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Dancing Yosef Spinning Top


Mark face on spoon and wrap pipecleaner around the top of the spoon to make turban and beard (see picture). Place handle of spoon in the slot of the doll pin (see picture). Cut a strip of foam with whole to fit over the spoon making Yosef's coat.Wrap the second pipecleaner once through the slot of doll pin along with the handle of the spoon, this wedges the spoon in tight and and continue to wrap the pipecleaner once around outside of doll pin leaving both ends of the pipecleaner sticking out from doll pin of about equal length looking like two long arms.(see picture) Cut a 2 inch strip from the muti-colored foam sheet. Bend sheet in half horizontally and make a hole at the crease to fit over the spoon making Yosef's coat. With the remaining pipecleaner from the doll pin puncture foam sheet with one end of the pipecleaner and pull the pipecleaner through to make one arm of Yosef, and do the same with the remaining other end of the pipecleaner to make the other arm (see picture).Put 11 stars around bowl as shown in picture as this teaches about Yosef's dream.