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Baruch Habah

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This project will be great for children to imagine themselves as Avraham or Sarah. They will have a great time.

Purchase doll clothes pins at WalMart or a crafts store, pipe cleaners, black magic marker, small pieces of fabric scraps and yarn, use of glue gun, cotton balls, brown construction paper and assorted colors.

Take a sheet of brown construction paper and fold it length wise into fourths, that is 4 equal sections. The two middle sections form the "roof" of the tent and the two end sections form the "walls" (see picture). in the middle of each "wall" cut out a door (see picture) this is done before the tent is set up. In the middle of a separate piece of brown construction paper place a "table" on it's center. The table is made out of out of another color of construction paper simply by folding a small piece of construction paper and folding two ends (see picture). Glue table with glue gun. With yarn and paper make signs as shown, such as "Abraham's Inn All Are Welcome" etc. Set up "Tent" over the table and anchor with a glue gun around it's edges.

The figurines are simply made out of the doll pins by wrapping fabric around them for clothes, the faces were made with a magic marker for the eyes, nose and mouth, the arms were pipe cleaners attached with a glue gun, the hair was yarn and the beard was a cotton ball all glued with glue gun.