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The picture in Yaacov's Blessings page is reproduced with permisssion of Bnei Yakov Publications



The Matching Game


Each child could play this game with a friend or by themselves. You may copy this picture on to your computer and print it out and photostat two copies for each child or take this picture from the book MY FIRST PARSHA READER by Benei Yakov Publications. We have received permission from the publisher to do this.The children can color the pictures and cut out the squares. Each square is then glued to an index card.. Each child should have two sets of cards. The cards should be mixed and placed face down on a table. The object of the game is to make matches. The players take turns turning over the cards -2 cards per turn- to find identical cards. If a player finds a match he may take another turn. The player with the most matches wins. A child could even play this game by himself by just making matches. In this way, the children learn all about the Shevatim in a fun way! For info on the Shevatim symbols click on to next page.

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